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Chinese food is one of our favourite kind of cuisine. People not knowing the names of Chowmean and chilli chicken is hard to find. It is surprising that out of all the different types of cuisines, Chinese food has made a mark in this field. There are several factors behind this popularity of Chinese food. In the below-given points, the facts are discussed.

The rich culture

Chinese are said to be one of the healthiest race of people. It is believed that their rich culture plays a vital role behind this. It is noted that Chinese people eat a well-balanced and healthy meal which varies from soups to boiled and steamed dumplings. Chinese food looks good, tastes good and smells good. This is why food in China is regarded as a form of art.

Eating dumplings

It would be best if you do not eat a dumpling in one go. This is against the Chinese eating technique. You need to take a small bite of your dumpling.

Having soup

Chinese people have a wide variety of soups. When you are having soups you should not gulp down all the soup at once, instead, try to slurp little amount of soup gently and take small bite of your food.

Do not add soya sauce on fried rice

Sometimes while having fried rice, you may want to add soya sauce to your food. This is something you should never do. Chinese chefs always put exactly the required amount of soya sauce. So asking for some more is not a nice etiquette. This kind of request may seem insulting and question their cooking technique.

Holding of teapot

Even holding a teapot requires special attention. You cannot hold it the way you want it. It would be best if you always make it sure that you are holding your teapot with only one hand. If you go to any Chinese food restaurant like, you will find that the serviceman is holding the teapot with just one hand.


In any Chinese restaurant, like GuanFu Szechuan you will find people eating food with chopsticks. However, there are a few symbolic facts about using those chopsticks. For example-a person should never put chopsticks on the plate in a criss-cross position as this symbolises death. Always try to keep the chopsticks parallel to each other.

After reading all these if you feel that having Chinese takes outs are much more relaxing than you should search for Chinese delivery near me and place your order. This way you can avoid all those etiquettes and have a nice Chinese dinner sitting on your couch watching your favourite movie.