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Some of you may want to know the difference between Japanese and Chinese food, the ingredients used to prepare the items, the cooking style and so on. The basic difference between the two is Japanese cuisine particularly belongs to the eating habits of Japan, whereas Chinese cuisine originates from the diverse regions of China and people living in other parts of the world.

Chinese food

Rice and noodles are said to be a staple part of Chinese cuisine. They are high in carbohydrates and are made using a lot of oil. Some of the common Chinese cuisines are chow mein, egg flower soup, orange chicken, and others which are prepared with a lot of spices and herbs which adds more flavors to the dishes.

Japanese food

Japanese cuisine is lighter and is less spicy. This type of cuisine includes a certain amount of rice meals and in smaller portions. Food is usually cooked in high temperature. Some of the common food include Udon, ramen, yakisoba, katsu and tempura.

Tea is a common beverage enjoyed in both, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. The only difference that lies here is Japanese opt for green tea, and the Chinese prefer black tea. It is observed that in both the cultures, tea is consumed after having the meals. It is so mainly because it aids in digestion of food after consuming greasy dishes.

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