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Authentic Asian food is not a hard find in a Szechuan Restaurant in Flushing

The Asian food landscape is the amalgamation of different the unique cuisines of the continent that have their distinct flavors and ingredients. One such cuisine is the Szechuan, which originated in the ancient Sichuan province of China.

The Szechuan culinary tradition is a vital component of Asian food. An authentic Szechuan restaurant that has a carefully designed menu can offer you an array of flavorful dishes. If you are looking for such a traditional Szechuan food destination, opt for an upscale restaurant in Asian food in Flushing.

Generous use of chilies

The uniqueness of the Szechuan cuisine is the generous use of chilies and peppers with garlic, gingers, and a variety of spices that punches you with flavors. The distinct chili pepper has been estimated by food historians to have come from Mexico post the 16th century, but probably via India or waterways from Macau. This addition to the traditional Sichuan peppercorn has primarily added to the spiciness in the cuisine.

Szechuan peppers from Hanyuan Hanyuan

The maroon color Szechuan peppers grown in Hanyuan Hanyuan, which have their origins in the times of the Tang dynasty, contain a high oil to weight ratio. The generous use of these chilies makes the dishes rich, hot, and aromatic, which define the meals served in the most authentic Szechuan Restaurant in Flushing.

A variety of tastes to discover

If you have a love for Chinese, you must be knowing very well that Szechuan cuisine is one of the spiciest, which has all the power to numb your senses. But that's not all, just as the hot red chilies and peppers leave a lasting impression on your tongue, you can also discover some equally fascinating flavors of sweetness, sourness, fragrant, bitterness, saltiness and aromatic dishes too. Such a unique blend of all tastes cleanses your palate in preparation for the upcoming dishes to dig on.

Innovations to enhance your dining

When it comes to Asian cuisine, the use of chopsticks is something very common. Most restaurants that offer complete Asian food be it Chinese or Japanese provide Chopsticks. While some offer disposable wooden chopsticks, some others offer plastic ones. Such chopsticks have their pros and cons, especially when it comes to hygiene and convenience of eating.

But, in GuanFu Szechuan restaurant, you come across a package of easy to use and detachable travel chopsticks, the wooden ends of which can be disposed of easily after use. You can simply open the package, follow the pictogram for the detailed instruction, and screw the tip end to the chopstick base.

Not all dining destinations pay much heed to the personal needs and convenience of the guests apart from serving quality food. Thus, if you come across such a place, add it to your list for a fantastic dining experience.