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You Haven’t Tasted Szechuan if You Haven’t Tried Our Chongqing Fried Chicken

If you think you have experienced the essence of Szechuan with a plate of roasted fish, you could not be more wrong. No Szechuan experience is considered complete without tasting a Chongqing delicacy. At Guan Fu, the iconic Chongqing fried chicken is a highly cherished Flushing Chinese food. It continues to attract people who seek to know what Szechuan food precisely is.

The Traditional Chongqing Delicacies

Chongqing lies at the core of Sichuan province. While much of its sizzle is taken from Szechuan cuisine, it has its own peculiar attributes which identify it instantly with the gamut of Szechuan food.

Consider, for instance, the traditional Chongqing hotpot. A pile of intestines and green veggies cooked in a sizzling chili broth and piquant peppercorns is what makes the dish instantly special. Generally, the pot consists of goose and tripe intestines. However, variants may exist.

Or, consider the equally favorite Chongqing noodles which are red-hot blend of noodles, veggies and broth.

The Traditional Chongqing Chicken

No Szechuan restaurant in Flushing trots out a more authentic variant of Chongqing chicken than us. Our chefs are experts at evoking the original flavors of Chongqing.

One of the subtle aspects of Chongqing chicken is its blend of visuals and taste. Visually, you could be tricked with its abundance of chili. However, taste-wise, it brims with Sichuan peppercorns. The presence of zha cai, which is a pickled mustard tuber, is compulsory. It is native to Chongqing.

Contrary to a widespread notion, the significance of crispy chicken skin cannot be undermined. Generally, American restaurants have shied away from including bits of chicken skin.

Another interesting feature of original Chongqing chicken is a greater portion of bones. Much of it is purely intentional since the Chinese love contrasting textures. At Guan Fu, however, you may choose according to your preference. Typically, Americans prefer meat to bones.

The amount of oil in Chongqing chicken is noteworthy, too. Indeed, the dish is meant to be rich, spicy and flavorful. The aim is to induce a multisensory experience.

Authentic Szechuan Cuisine at Guan Fu

Not many have heard of Chongqing, unlike Beijing and Shanghai. However, it is what lends Szechuan food its famous punch. At Guan Fu, our chefs strive round the clock to acquaint you with the real flavors of Sichuan province, which is not confined to Mapo Tofu and roasted fish.