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Take a Look at Guan Fu’s Secret Ingredient and Explore Our Finely Curated Menu

Indeed, there is no lack of Chinese restaurants in America. However, the lack of authentic Chinese cuisine continues to be one of the pressing concerns of the time. While many a Flushing Chinese restaurant has been coming up with their variants, Guan Fu alone guarantees the rare experience of enjoying authentic Chinese at the best price. Affordable eating is our hallmark.

The Guan Fu Secret Bean Paste

At Guan Fu Szechuan, the bean paste has been our secret ingredient.

It is significantly different from store-bought pastes. Our bean paste is phenomenal for its one-of-a-kind flavor and textural fineness. Made with varying proportions of spices and brewing cycle, the Guan Fu paste continues to add to the magic of our Szechuan dishes.

Traditional Szechuan Elements

No Szechuan dish can be prepared without adding a string of traditional Szechuan ingredients.

For instance, Szechuan pepper from Hanyuan; dating back to the Tang dynasty, it is considered to be one of the finest Szechuan peppers. Our chefs use traditional Szechuan pepper instead of the American variant. The latter is black, unlike brown Hanyuan pepper.

Another staple in Szechuan cooking is the yellow millet seed. Believed to have originated in the western plains of Sichuan province, the yellow millet seed is easy to cook.

The Typhoon Shelter and the Secretive Simmer

No Chinese food restaurant in Flushing exploits the typhoon shelter way like us.

Consider, for instance, our king crabs which are prepared by the typhoon shelter method, among others. The origin of Typhoon Shelter may be traced to Hong Kong. The iconic Causeway Bay which sheltered refugees during the typhoon season came to be known as the typhoon shelter.

First, our chef heats the wok for over thirty seconds. Next, he sieves a garlic-black bean mixture into the strainer. Then the crab is rinsed and stroked dry. It is a highly complicated process which involves fine expertise and a good deal of patience.

Another of our highlights is the soft-shelled turtle which is prepared with our unique ‘secretive simmer’ method. Or, you may have our crystal crab which is sautéed with homemade sauce.


The lack of authentic Chinese is one of the persistent issues with American restaurants. However, at Guan Fu Szechuan, our highly qualified chefs continue to offer you the ideal Chinese experience. With our competent prices and top-notch food, you could not hope for better.