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Szechuan Food Is Not Always Spicy And The Culture Of Szechuan

Sichuan cuisine or Szechuan cuisine has been a popular Chinese cuisine that originates from Sichuan, a province in the Southwestern China. The cuisine is known for its bold flavors and, especially, the spiciness and pungency it has in it due to generous use of chili peppers and garlic. In addition, the unique flavor added to it by Sichuan pepper is just amazing. However, this is not the only taste you can get to enjoy with the popular Sichuan cuisine as there are several local variations found within the Sichuan province. It doesn’t always have to be spicy and you can easily find a high-end elegant Chinese restaurant that serves the most gentle tastes as well with not much of a spicy touch given to the food. Guanfu Szechuan restaurant in Flushing, Queens, NY is a perfect example as it serves both the spicy and gentle flavors with the most authentic and signature Szechuan tastes.

The Compound Flavors Of Szechuan Cuisine

Well, as mentioned above, all the flavor profiles of the Sichuan region aren’t spicy. The Sichuan chefs are popularly known to combine a certain set of special ingredients to cook around 24 compound flavors that are called as fu he wei. Among these 24 different flavors, only 7 have that signature spicy favor that is commonly linked with the Szechuan cuisine while the rest aren’t as spicy. For instance, the lesser known, yet equally iconic, jiaoyanweixing is just a simple combination of salt and roasted ground Sichuan pepper. This salt and Sichuan pepper flavor is applied intensively on everything that is classified under the popular Szechuan cuisine. The ‘Lychee flavor’, on the other hand, doesn’t feature any lychees but it combines sweet & sour notes imitating the fruit. It’s applied to savory canvas such as fried pork over rice.

The 24 different flavors are unified, however, with that complex xian quality and strongly pungent flavor which doesn’t overshadow those naturally tasting raw ingredients. Rather it draws out their essence quite delicately.

The Dishes You Must Savor

There are many low spice dishes that you’d love to savor at a high-end elegant Chinese Restaurant like Guanfu Szechuan. These include Guanfu style fried cabbage, fried corn covered by salted egg, simple fried cabbage, tomato eggs soup, Dan Dan Noodle, and many others along the list. All these dishes tend to have very low spice content and can be a delightful treat for anyone who is not so crazy about spicy food and still wants to relish the Szechuan Cuisine.

A Word About Guanfu Szechuan Restaurant

If you are looking to savor the traditional Szechuan cuisine in Flushing, you can’t find a perfect high-end elegant Chinese restaurant better than Guanfu Szechuan in the entire area. The ambiance is quite traditional and the dishes served are simply impeccable. And, here you can order both spicy and low spice Szechuan alternatives. The food tastes awesome and is freshly cooked with high quality ingredients to make sure you get the best Szechuan food in town and keep coming back.

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