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Guan Fu is a Committed Player in Raising the Standards of Public Health

One of the fundamental responsibilities of a popular eating outlet is upholding the values of public welfare and not compromising with public health. At Guan Fu, the tenet is writ in stone. It is one of the foremost principals when it comes to catering to the ever-evolving priorities of customers. Being an authentic Szechuan restaurant in Flushing, we care for our customers like no other.

In this write-up, we enumerate the unmatched benefits of Szechuan pepper, an ingredient copiously used in some of our most sought-after dishes.

A Natural Pain-Reliever

Did you know that Szechuan pepper is considered to be an organic pain-reliever?

According to recent studies, Szechuan peppers are excellent in dominating our charged pain receptors and dulling the feeling of discomfort. According to clinical experts, Szechuan pepper has been found to be particularly conducive for back-spreading chest pain. What is more, pills made with the Chinese prickly ash and Oxalis corniculata help cope with gum swelling.

Increases Appetite

If you are planning to spend a night out with your family at our establishment, consider Szechuan pepper for appetizers. Indeed, no other ingredient can match its appetizing power.

Keeping that in mind, some of our finest dishes consist of mashed Szechuan pepper corns. Loss of appetite is a major concern, especially in the event of an injury or minor ailment. Szechuan pepper is probably the best to fight the lack of appetite and enjoy your favorite meal in spite of your condition.

Prevents Chronic Inflammation

Another major benefit of Szechuan pepper is that it plugs the potential rise of inflammation. Generally speaking, some of the common instances of inflammation include arthritis, asthma and allergies. However, with Szechuan pepper, everything is amply taken care of.

Indeed, no Flushing Chinese restaurant chef would contend otherwise. The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of Szechuan pepper remain undisputed to till this day.


There are various other benefits of Szechuan pepper such as prevention of cardiovascular ailments, regulation of blood pressure etc. Apart from its immense health-affirming values, a pinch of quintessential Szechuan pepper into a smoking Chinese platter transforms it into something incomparably delicious and also memorable.

At our establishment, our highly proficient chefs continue to explore uncharted territories in order to revolutionize the standards of customer taste. And with our stables and tables full, there is more to flow in the coming days.