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At Guan Fu Szechuan, Cent Per Cent Customer Satisfaction is the Ultimate Aim

Food cooked well is bliss. But food served well is very heaven. It is the philosophy we follow at Guan Fu, one of the finest and most hospitable Szechuan outlets in town. So the next time you crave for the quintessential Szechuan grab, don’t waste time typing Chinese food near me. Instead, drive straight to our doors where flavor and hospitality await you.

We Do Not Give False Promises

One of the core principals of our management team is that we never set false promises to lure customers. More of the than not, restaurants tend to suffer when they fail to meet the standards set by their own management teams. Our restaurant continues to offer legitimate services at highly affordable costs, keeping in mind our customer’s preferences.

Our Waiters are Meticulously Trained

Our waiters and servers belong to the highest echelons of professionalism. Indeed, we hire none but the most experienced hands of the trade, those who can comprehend the urgencies of attitude and presentation. Being in direct contact with customers, waiters must be proficient enough.

Our staff knows the significance of customer privacy. So while you sit and scroll through the menu, our waiters shall not be hovering over you, nudging or pestering you with recommendations. Apart from that, there is no matching the way our staff handles exigencies. Such scopes arise only rarely, if ever, for we do not compromise with our customer’s convenience.

Consistent Quality our Hallmark

Consistency in food quality is one of the fundamental reasons why Guan Fu shines among the finest restaurants in Flushing, NY. More often than not, high-profile chains tend to make the right first impression and then cease to bother about the second time. However, with us each time is guaranteed quality time.

And why not! Over the years, our team has managed to bring some of the finest chefs of the industry. Our cooks continue to display incomparable skill, innovation and foresight. Against the backdrop of numerous Szechuan myths rambling about, our chefs dish out authentic, uncompromised meals.


Our establishment continues to serve a plethora of customers from far and wide. With more and more food-lovers eager to try out quintessential Szechuan flavors, our team leaves no stone unturned to acquaint you with the purest, healthiest and tastiest delicacies. And there is more to come in the coming years.