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3 Widespread Soy Myths Busted by our Chefs at Guan Fu Szechuan

Soy sauce is a crucial ingredient of Chinese cuisine. However, some gourmands have surprisingly come to avoid soy beans for more reasons than one. First, they are carcinogenic; second, soy contains estrogen; third, soy affects fertility. There is more. More myths, that is. It is high time such unfounded fallacies were busted by those who reign over the food market. At Guan Fu Szechuan, one of most responsible Chinese outlets in Flushing, our chefs debunk the following soy myths.

1. Soy is Carcinogenic

A prominent school of thought actively upholds the line that soy sauce is essentially carcinogenic.

However, contrary to the notion, studies have shown that regular consumption of soy protects women from such maladies as breast cancer. According to a study conducted in the year 2008, women who consumed a cup of soymilk regularly were thirty per cent less prone to breast cancer. Another study showed that women with the highest level of isoflovanes were over fifty per cent less vulnerable to dying young.

So the next time you visit a Flushing Chinese restaurant, you need not beware of dipping your fingers in soy sauce.

2. Soy is GMO Food

Contrary to what most people contend GMO food has not been found to cause adverse health effects.

There is a reason why a majority of soy beans produced is genetically modified. Non-GMO soy is becoming increasingly challenging to procure across some regions of the globe. Therefore, according to a study conducted in the year 2004, over eighty per cent of the US soy crop was genetically modified. While some experts suggest that GMO beans might contain pesticides, the effects of the same have not yet been verified in practical tests.

3. Soy is not Eco-Friendly

No Flushing Chinese food which consists of a significant amount of soy sauce should make you guilty of breaching environmental codes.

While it is true that soy production has played a role in Amazonian deforestation, it is equally true that less than 6 per cent of soy produced is consumed by humans. The rest is either fed to chickens and cows or used to produce soybean oil.

More often than not, food myths are thanks to an obsessive fascination with celebrity fitness. However, at Guan Fu Szechuan, we believe in apprising our esteemed customers of the contours of Chinese food. As a responsible venture committed to all-round customer welfare, we strive round the clock to raise the standards of general food consciousness.