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How to Make Your Szechuan Meal Perfect by Pairing it with a Beer in Flushing?

Sichuan cuisine and Szechuan dishes are well-loved all over the world. One of the best USP of both the cuisine and the food is the heat it gets for the Sichuan peppercorn. People often find it hard to cut the heat of the meal and enjoy it completely. One of the best ways of complementing Flushing Chinese food is by pairing it with a beer.

The beer conundrum and making the right choice

There are multiple options available but not all of them can be a good match for every Szechuan meal you may have. Different dishes should be paired with different brands of beers but the core logic remains the same. You are cutting the heat of the food with a cool beer. At Guan Fu Szechuan, we offer four different beers. They are:

• Budweiser
• Qingdao
• Heineken
• Corona

Diversity of food needs to be complemented with the beverages

There is incredible diversity visible in our food. Adding a selection of beers to the fray makes each of the meals impressive and amazing. We also understand that, whereas there are beers which can be paired with almost every meal, there are also ones which should taste good with specific meals.

How beers work and why they work?

For instance, there are Chinese beers which are crisp, have low alcohol content and are easy to drink. These are designed to be chugged with the meal and not just sipped. One of the best options available in every Szechuan restaurant in Flushing is known as Qingdao which is a pilsner. It is also one of the most popular choices and people tend to opt for this almost every time.

Options everyone will like to drink

A pilsner is a mellow beer which comes with a floral and fruity taste. Even if you are not a beer drinker or do not like the taste, you won’t have any issues to drink it with the meal. It will cut through the heat and spicy nature of the food and give the much-needed respite you have been looking for. If you are a beer drinker and are looking for something a little harder, then the other three options will be perfect.

Making smart decisions always and enjoying the benefits

In short, we would like to point out that pairing your Szechuan meal with a beer you like will be a smart decision. We indeed have several other beverage options including tea, fruit juices, coconut milk and mineral water but beer is one of the most popular choices. Our patrons love to pair their meals with a beer and enjoy a day or night out with friends or family or special someone.