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4 Ways to keep it cool at Szechuan Restaurants in Flushing NY

Is Szechuan food all fiery and spicy? While its core attribute may be spices, many restaurants do provide cooler sides to dull the heat to a certain extent. At Guan Fu Szechuan, one of the choicest restaurants in Flushing NY, we include some of the finest neutralizing ingredients to tackle the heat of a quintessential Szechuan cuisine. In general, the following are four ways to tame the heat of a scorching platter of Szechuan.

1. Choose the Cooling Ingredients

As mentioned at the outset, there are specific cooling ingredients preserved for a Szechuan plate. As per the norms in Chinese medicine, ingredients could be cooling, neutral or warming according to the effect produced on the body energy, also known as the qi.

The commonest cooling agents might include the likes of cucumber, celery, asparagus, lettuce and eggplant, to name only a few. Make sure to ask the concerned server whether or not such ingredients will be included in the meal if you are particularly sensitive to extreme spiciness.

2. Go for Colder Items

Szechuan dishes need not be hot to be spicy. Some of the spiciest Szechuan dishes are served cold. For instance, one of the most popular is the iconic Kou Shui Ji; it is chiefly Szechuan chicken dipped in chili oil. By serving it cold, the heat of the chili is reduced to a considerable extent. Besides, the inherent flavors are also prompted towards the surface.

3. Choose the Sides Carefully

Choosing the proper sides could make a drastic difference. If you are wondering, ‘Which is the best Chinese delivery near me?’ do plan for some exquisite Szechuan sides which are perfect if you are resistant to excessive heat.

Some of the most popular sides include pickled cucumbers, sweet and sour cabbage, Chinese lettuce and zha cai, or fermented mustard.

4. Pick the Coolest Drinks

Two of the most widely noted drinks are soy milk and tomato juice. More often than not, you will find your fellow diners quaffing a glass of soy milk heartily after a spell of steaming Szechuan.

Both soy milk and tomato juice have profound cooling effects. They are the best means to tone down the heat of a spiced broth.

While Szechuan meals are essentially spicy, there are variants which may be relished by those who are particularly resistant to heat. At Guan Fu Szechuan, we bring you some of the finest delicacies from the Sichuan province, starting from the ancient to the modern variants.