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Guan Fu NY Promotes Healthy Asian Food in Flushing with Better Ingredients

At Guan Fu NY, we are always investing our time and experience to come up with better means to serve our customers. In this regard, one of the bedrocks of our establishment’s service has been our practice of using high quality ingredient variants in our recipes. It has helped us serve healthier, tastier renditions of your favourite Szechuan Chinese dishes. Not many establishments serving Asian food in Flushing can say that they are aware of the benefits of using better quality ingredients or the ancient Chinese culinary practices for rendering more wholesome, tasteful dishes.

The Chinese practice of using high-grade ingredients

Not many are aware of the fact that in ancient China, the culinary techniques used in royal households were different than those used in ‘commoner’ households. Millets were the predecessors to wheat grains in ancient China; and, the affluent households stocked up on millet as the primary grain rather than wheat. Even the wheat they stocked was of a coarser, healthier variety. Not just the primary grains but the spices and seasoning used in these socially important households were of a better quality.

At Guan Fu NY, we made it a steadfast rule to use such better quality ingredients, to ensure that our customers enjoy a more healthy and palatable meal. Some of the special ingredients we use, include:

i. Yellow millet seeds

High-yielding, high tolerance, yellow millet seeds were a staple ingredient grown in the Sichuan Province of China, thousands of years ago. These high-yielding grains are chockfull of nutrients compared to the typical wheat grain. At our establishment, all our main dishes are made from yellow millet grains to ensure a healthier meal for our customers.

ii. In-house bean paste

Not many restaurants ‘make their own’ bean paste. Szechuan bean paste is a customary sauce served on the side with Szechuan dishes. Handmade Szechuan bean paste has a unique flavour which you will not find in artificial counterparts.

Unfortunately, most of the Chinese eateries here in Flushing, do not make their own bean paste; they purchase artificial solutions or mix artificial sauces to come up with a poor substitute. However, we ensure that our skilled chefs come up with our own in-house variety of Szechuan bean paste.

iii. Hanuyan Szechuan pepper

One of the most essential ingredients of Szechuan cuisine is the exotic Hanuyan pepper which is native to the Sichuan province. The quality of the Szechuan peppers grown in the United States cannot compare to the native Chinese counterparts in consistency or flavour. The Hanuyan originals are of a deep maroon colour and boast of a richer aroma and high oil content.

So, if you are searching for an establishment in Flushing, NY that serves a healthier grade of Chinese than most then do not hesitate- come to Guan Fu NY.