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Guan Fu NY is leading the Charge among NY Restaurants Using Sanitary Chopsticks

Chopsticks are quite popular as a widespread form of indigenous cutlery in Asia. For a lot of restaurant-goers, the presence or absence of chopsticks says a lot about the authenticity of the Chinese fare. At Guan Fu NY, being one of the few truly traditional Chinese restaurants of Flushing, we continue the practice of supplying our patrons with our specially-made chopsticks with every meal. Just search Chinese delivery near me on your phone, if you stay in Flushing, NY; you will be surprised with how many of these ‘authentic’ Chinese eateries fail to provide quality chopsticks to customers.

But, before we go into our specially made chopsticks, let us find out why chopsticks represent authenticity of Chinese cuisine.

Birth and life of the Chinese chopstick

The inception of the Chinese chopsticks can be dated as far as back to Neolithic China. However, they became table utensils only around the 400-500 AD. The Chinese began using long and supple, neatly filed twigs of wood or bamboo as a convenient table utensil for consuming food. It is considered that the small, bite-sized pieces of Chinese dishes further inspired and integrated the use of the chopsticks. The chopsticks are meant to pick up food as opposed to spearing and picking up the food with a fork.

At, Guan Fu NY we have ensured that this tradition of consuming quality food from the Chinese’ Sichuan province with chopsticks, carries on, with our specially-made chopsticks offering better service to customers.

Strictures on chopstick usage

Given the importance of chopsticks in the Chinese culture, there exists a list of taboos which you should not perform with them, such as:

i. Use the chopsticks lightly so they do not hit the bowl to emit any sound.

ii. Do not lick the chopstick for morsels of food or sauces.

iii. Never use the chopstick to point.

iv. Use the wrong end of the chopstick

v. Leave the chopsticks sticking out vertically from a bowl of food.

vi. Use the chopsticks to pick food from your teeth

vii. Leave the chopsticks crossed on your plate

viii. Use your own chopsticks to serve food instead of the communal chopsticks.

Guan Fu NY’s special-grade chopstick

You can search Chinese food near me and come up with ten different options for Chinese food; but, we can safely say that none of them invest thought in chopsticks like we do. At Guan Fu NY, we have discovered that wooden and plastic chopsticks come with their own set of pros and cons. Wooden chopsticks are disposable but they splinter easily from single use; plastic chopsticks run no risk of splintering but they are not of the disposable variety, which produces hygiene risks.

To meet these challenges, at our establishment we serve ‘travel chopsticks’ with removable tips. Every customer is provided with fresh tips, and once they complete using the chopsticks, the tips are disposed. Thus, using these nifty chopsticks, we are able to ensure better hygiene standards and customer-friendly dining solutions to our customers.