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Not Many Restaurants Serve These 5 Dishes besides Guan Fu Sichuan NY

Guan Fu Sichuan opened its doors to New York’s gastronomes with only one objective in mind- to spoil regular customers with the plethora of choices on the menu, and to introduce those unfamiliar with Chinese cuisine to what they are missing. In this regard, it goes without saying that, at Guan Fu Sichuan, we are thankful for the love, affection and loyalty shown by our esteemed customers, when they continue to visit this Flushing Chinese restaurant, time and again.

For those wondering, what is so special about Guan Fu Sichuan’s menu that no one can eat here just the once, here are a few dishes that you will rarely find in New York, unless you are dining at our establishment:

• Preserved eggs with Braised Green Pepper in Home Sauce

For those who love their eggs light fried and moderately spicy, we have the preserved eggs with braised green pepper in home sauce. The dish comprises of the best poultry eggs Guan Fu can source and is marinated for optimal aesthetic palate. Our special home sauce makes the dish all the more palatable.

• Pork Liver with Green Chinese Prickly ash

Chinese cuisine lists some of the best pork recipes that the world has tasted. If you are a fan of the Chinese pork preparations then you are bound to love the pork liver with green Chinese prickly ash. Enjoy crisp but succulent slivers of pork liver, marinated in gravy and seasoned with the signature Szechuan spice of prickly ash.

• Cuttlefish with Pickled Pepper

Chinese seafood has a fandom of its own and deservingly so. Rediscover your love for seafood with the savory cuttlefish with pickled pepper, when you dine at Guan Fu Sichuan NY. The pickled pepper dressing adds a tangy and spicy flavor to the dish that is exotic and flavorful to say the least.

• Chinese Black Fungus with Sliced Meat

Discover healthy eating with rare and exotic Szechuan specialties like the Chinese black fungus with sliced meat. Enjoy sliced servings of meat with rare dressings such as the nutritious black fungus. Its rich in nutrients and makes for a light, appetizing meal for meat lovers.

• Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage

If you love seafood but cannot leave without eating your daily greens then order yourself a light plate of boiled fish with pickled cabbage. The flavorful gravy with pickled cabbage balances the meaty taste of the fish with ample tanginess.

The above-listed mouthwatering delicacies are the tip of the iceberg for Guan Fu Sichuan NY’s Chinese food menu. So, hurry! Do not let your gastro-pangs get the better of you.