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3 Reasons to Dine at Guan Fu Sichuan- One of the best Szechuan Restaurants in Flushing

Gastronomes often debate whether it is safe to regularly eat out. While there is some truth to the fact, that one should not eat outside food daily, you can make an exception every week or fortnight, by treating yourself to a quality restaurant that serves nutritious, gourmet food’ like Guan Fu Sichuan, for instance. At Guan Fu Sichuan, one of the most celebrated and beloved Szechuan restaurant in Flushing, we believe in ensuring that every customer who dines at our refined Chinese cuisine establishment enjoys an unforgettable meal. However, a gourmet meal is never one which tastes good only; it should also offer you nutritional value.

At Guan Fu Sichuan NY, we take a great amount of pride in the fact that we are able to serve quality Szechuan Chinese and more for our restaurants. We can also safely say that we are among the few restaurants that can offer you a healthy Chinese meal.

• Guan Fu preparation style

At Guan Fu Sichuan we do not simply whip up Chinese cuisine in the conventional, contemporary ways. The Chinese recipes we follow were put together centuries ago, through painstaking experimentation and culinary sciences of the time.

The Guan Fu Sichuan style further brings out the best in these recipes by following the culinary techniques that proliferated from royal households and kitchens. The affluent families of the Sichuan Province had a knack for consuming food made from the healthiest of ingredients, which also provided them more nutrition than the others. We imbibe the same nutritional values in Guan Fu Sichuan’s cooking, as well.

• Quality ingredients

The Guan Fu Sichuan technique involved the use of nothing but the best ingredients. It helped to ensure that the dishes turn out to be the best version of them. There are few other restaurants in New York that can provide Szechuan cuisine that tastes as good as ours. It is because we use high quality millet seeds to produce our raw ingredients. This high-yielding version of millet cooks faster and is a staple from the Sichuan Province. It is also responsible for speeding up our cooking times as it is easier to cook.

We also use Hanuyan Szechuan peppers, the best variety of Szechuan peppers, with a rich scent and inimitable flavor. We are also fiercely proud of our bean paste which is prepared following a secret recipe with excellent proportion of ingredients and seasonings.

• Hygiene

We pay a lot of attention to hygiene, here at Guan Fu; so much so, that one can also expect our hygiene standards to be shared by our chopsticks as well. There are few other Chinese food restaurants in the whole of New York and not just Flushing, who can claim that they manufacture their own signature designed chopstick for the benefit of the customers.

So, if you are not one to venture out for your food, now is a good time to break the tradition as any. Come visit as at Guan Fu Sichuan, we can promise that you will feel healthier after you dine with us.