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We Cook It When You Order It, Not Pre Made

Chinese dishes are very popular all over the world due to their signature tastes, exquisiteness and a cultural and traditional value they have to them. And, when it comes to spicy foods, we can’t have a better alternative to Szechuan spicy Chinese specialties. The popularity of the Szechuan cuisine is such that people love it all over the world and Flushing, NY is no different. So, if you’re in search of the most authentic Szechuan tastes in Flushing, Guanfu Szechuan is probably your best Chinese restaurant in Flushing. In fact, there are some obvious reasons for Guanfu being the go-to choice for Szechuan cuisine in Flushing and you must read on to find out why.

1. We Always Serve Fresh

Yes, that’s what sets Guanfu apart from the rest in entire Flushing area. We believe, tastes are not just about finding the perfect mix of ingredients and having an expert to cook it. Nothing tastes better than anything that is served fresh and we stick to this ideology when we serve our guests at the Guanfu Chinese restaurant. We cook everything fresh and only for you when you order it. We don’t sell anything pre-made as we believe the signature Szechuan cuisine tastes perfect only when it is served fresh. The spices, the aroma and the taste for which your ordered dish is known can all be kept intact only when the food is served fresh. That’s probably the reason why we receive most positive reviews from our valued customers.

2. We Use The High Quality Ingredients

Yes, besides serving fresh food, we use the most high-quality ingredients and our spices are brought all the way from Sichuan where the cuisine actually started. This helps us to ensure that we never compromise on our tastes and are able to serve the most authentic Szechuan dishes that have been known since ancient times. Here again we buy fresh ingredients every day; especially, the fish is bought every morning and then killed and cleaned to serve you fresh. We do all the hassle as we care for you and just don’t want to compromise our reputation as the best Chinese restaurant in Flushing.

3. We Serve Authentic Tastes

Our Szechuan specialties are served with the most authentic tastes in town. In fact, that’s why our customers keep coming back. We serve true Szechuan cuisine that is known for being spicy and flavorful. Most of our dishes use generous amounts of spices like pepper, peppercorn and garlic each of which has a part to play in achieving the authentic Szechuan taste. Besides, to achieve the perfect tastes, we use all popular methods for cooking your food including stir-frying, water soaking, sautéing and dry-braising.

So, if you are interested in savoring the freshly cooked spicy Szechuan cuisine, your best Chinese restaurant in Flushing is Guanfu Szechuan and you can trust us with the authentic taste and the quality of food. It’s our authentic taste and the freshly served food that will help us develop a bond with you and you’ll surely love to come back again.

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