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A List of Common Vegetables Used In Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is rich in vegetables, meats and seafood. Here we bring to you a list of ingredients that you can add to your Chinese dishes and some of them have been detailed below:

i. Chinese Eggplant

The Chinese eggplant is usually stir-fried with meat or prepared in garlic and other sauces. One of the most popular dishes under Chinese cuisine is braised eggplant which you must try at an Asian Food in Flushing.

ii. Potatoes

Potatoes are usually eaten as starters. Chefs usually make thin slices of potatoes, add vinegar flavoring to it and serve them as a side dish. In fact, this vegetable is also eaten as stir-fried or simmered in soups.

iii. Tomatoes

This is a common fruit which is used in a variety of Chinese dishes. It tastes best when stir-fried with eggs or shredded meat. It is also used in a variety of snack items and soups too.

iii. Radish

Daikons or white radish is an excellent vegetable which are added to noodles and rice. Apart from this, they are also added in soups and eaten stir-fried.

iv. Cucumbers

There are a variety of cucumbers you will find in Chinese dishes. Some are bitter and the rest are not bitter, slightly sweet and pleasant to taste.

v. Peanuts

Peanuts which are mainly eaten as snack food are extremely common in any Chinese meal. This ingredient is high in protein and is quite filling. Chefs at the GuanFu Szechuan restaurant mix this ingredient with red chili and other seasonings and use it for garnishing noodle dishes and served along with hot fried Kung Pao chicken too.

vi. Soybean Sprouts

The soybean sprouts are sprouted soybean seeds which are high in a variety of vitamins namely vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. These seeds are added to soups and stir-fried dishes, but you can even consume them in the raw state, especially in salads.

vii. Bitter Melons

This vegetable is quite popular for its unusual taste. This is a Chinese gourd which looks similar to cucumbers and is added to an array of dishes. It is bitter in taste, which can be reduced by blanching with salt. This is one of the prime ingredients used in stir-fry dishes and has strong flavors.

According to nutritionists, consuming the above vegetables on a regular basis can reduce the onset of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, and other viral health issues. If cooking Chinese meals seem to be a difficult task for you, then look for different dine-in and takeaway eateries. To find one, search as ‘best Chinese restaurant near me’ or ‘best Chinese take out near me’ and get a list of restaurant options instantly.