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Vital Information on Different Sauces Used In Chinese Food Restaurants

Chinese cuisine is all about a variety of flavors. The amazing burst of flavors is added to Chinese dishes with the help of different sauces, vinegars and oils that makes the dishes so delectable. The Chinese Food Restaurant chefs claim that when cooking Chinese dishes, the sauces can be quite confusing, yet you cannot imagine preparing this cuisine without these special sauces.

Some of the sauces have been listed below:

i. Light and Dark Soy Sauces

This is one of the most common sauces that you will require for preparing a Chinese meal. You will come across light and dark version of soy sauces which will vary in taste as well. The light soy sauce is thinner in consistency and lighter in color. What you need to know about these sauces is that there are no soy sauce bottles that will state as ‘light’ or ‘dark’ soy sauce; but they basically differ in their sodium content.

Next, the dark soy sauce is darker in color, thicker and comparatively less salty. This is a go-to sauce which darkens the color of your Chinese dishes. This sauce is mainly used in braised or red-cooked dishes and in marinades.

ii. Mushroom-flavored Soy Sauce

The dark soy sauces are also available in mushroom flavor, and it adds an immense level of umami or glutamate to the dishes. Some of you may favor this type of coating or gravy rather than the plain dark soy sauce. However, if you find this sauce a bit too stingy flavored then you can of course, go for mild ones.

iii. Tamari

Tamari is a commonly used soy sauce which is gluten-free. It is thicker in consistency and less salt to taste. This fermented soy sauce has its own distinct flavor which has a more complex soy flavor and you will simply be delighted to add it your Chinese meals.

Well, when it comes to preparing Chinese dishes, you may just find it so overwhelming seeing the line of bottles in the sauce aisle of the grocery store. According to culinary experts at the GuanFu Szechuan restaurant, you can never go wrong with the above sauces and store them in your pantry for preparing a Chinese meal. However, if you do not have time to prepare a hearty Chinese meal at home, then you can visit a well-known Chinese restaurant nearby. To find one, search as ‘best and affordable Chinese delivery near me’ and choose from the list of options mentioned there.