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A Journey into Guanfu Szechuan Cuisine’s Delicious Past

New York’s love for Asian cuisine is evident from the sheer number of Asian diners in the city. Flushing, NY is mainly known for its dedication to Asian cuisine, specifically Chinese cuisine. At Guan Fu Sichuan we aim to deliver an authentic Guanfu Szechuan dining experience to our patrons. Guan Fu Sichuan has helped the banner of Asian food in Flushing fly high with our standard of culinary art. However, few know about the origins of Guanfu Szechuan cuisine and its distinctions when compared to regular Szechuan food.

A brief introduction to the origin of Guanfu cuisine

The Guanfu cuisine was born in the Sichuan Province of China several centuries ago. Before the birth of Guanfu cuisine, the format for preparing dishes was different in the Northern and Southern parts of the province. The practice involved preparing to reiterate healthier, tastier and nutritious versions of typical Szechuan dishes.

Guanfu cuisine came to prominence as more and more chefs in prominent households started practicing it. The extravagant culinary style witnesses chefs are going to great proportions to produce the most memorable rendition of the dishes. It dissolved any distinctions that existed between culinary styles followed in the South and North of the province. Unorthodox ingredients and preparation techniques brought out the best that Szechuan cuisine had to offer.

The more extravagant side of Szechuan

Szechuan cuisine is already known for its spicy, seasoning heavy, meat and seafood palate. Guanfu takes it a notch higher with its ingredients and preparation styles- a tradition that we follow at Guan Fu Sichuan.

For instance, the regular Szechuan fried pork is a delicacy in its own right; but Guanfu Szechuan requires the pork to be braised with abalone in soy sauce. This is just one example of how every ingredient contributes to the grandiosity of a Guanfu Szechuan dish. The unlikely beneficiary of Guanfu Szechuan is the dishes which we usually do not think of twice. Few of us can claim to be ‘diehard’ fans of tofu, but you would be hard-pressed to turn away a dish of Guan Fu Mapo Tofu that is served at our humble restaurant establishment.

Food that looks as good as it tastes

Another attribute of Guanfu Szechuan that we take to heart is the presentation of food. We believe that the eater can genuinely appreciate the magnificence of a dish only when it looks as good as it tastes. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of a recipe, a ritual that has been passed down by the chefs who gave birth to this style of cuisine.

The same aesthetic quality is reflected in the décor of our establishment. So, if you have been searching ‘Chinese take out near me’ on your phone, then hesitate no more; just drop by our address for a sumptuous meal of authentic Guanfu Szechuan.